Bacteria discovered by Yakult

– New species & new functions –

As same as scientist Dr. Shirota did, we believe that it is our mission to find bacterium with interesting feature and new functionalities that could contribute to human being in future.

Bacteria are all around us, yet collecting them is not that easy. Microbes are picky, many of them do not “happily” grow on a test tube. Not surprisingly, techniques have been developed through years and years of research to make this possible. A work that requires a lot of patience and dedication just as Dr. Shirota devoted in his search for Lactobacillus casei Shiroa.

We are looking for new functionality of bacteria

Yakult’s Microbiology Institute specializes in microbial “hunting”. These microbes have been scrutinized from “tip to toe” to elucidate physiological functions that have not yet been clarified and constitute the basis for supporting Yakult’s research on next-generation probiotics and product development.

List of bacteria - new species or new functions that Yakult found

Until today, the number of microbe (new species or with new functionality) that Yakult found is amount to 27.

L. capillatus

(Taiwanese “Stinky tofu” ).

L. kisonensis

(Japanese pickles “Sunnki”)

B. mongoliense

(Mongolia Horse milk alcoholic beverage)

R. zopfii

(Wastewater treatment facilities)

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